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Stephen Colbert talks to Jeffrey Tambor from Transparent.

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wow look at this terrible role model for young girls.

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She cut off the tattoo of he ex’s name, put it in a jar and mailed it to him.


Am I the only one who is thinking “WHAT the FUCK” 😳😖
That’s flesh. THAT’S FLESH. That’s worse than a burn. How did she not get an infection? How long did it take to heal? Did she use anesthesia? Who did this for her? Did she have to pay? Did it hurt? What did the guy do with the jar? Dos he keep it? What are the vampire teeth for? THAT’S HER SKIN AND THE FLESH IS SHOWING. 😖

But also props to her. What-a-badass😎

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How much do I hate Columbus?


I have to say “Indian from India”.

I’ll leave you with that.

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